reading-webSome of Steve McGranahan’s fans can actually read. Yes believe it or not, the legion of World’s Strongest Redneck followers pick up a newspaper, magazine and an occasional book. Although we have to admit that most of this reading is done while on the crapper or if they are real back-woods types then it occurs in the outhouse. Regardless, some fine publications have found it fitting to include Steve in their publications. Check them out and read away!


Press-Pass---NCNNew Castle News – Aug, 7 2014
Fat ‘N Furious 2nd Season
A popular reality show that features a pair of New Castle residents is going into the second lap. And fans of the TV hit, “Fat ‘N Furious: Rolling Thunder,” have reason to be happy. The show, which aired on the Discovery Channel on Monday night, has been renewed for a second season. That means Steve McGranahan and Andy Pivarnik will be part of eight more shows. McGranahan, who bills himĀ· self as the World’s Strongest Redneck, and Pivarnik teamed up with Youngstown area residents Tommy Christmas and Chuck Kountz to rebuild muscle cars and bring them back to life. CLICK TO READ MORE


ticket-coverTicket – June, 7 2014
Fat & Furious Debut on Discovery Channel
America’s next reality television stars may be from the Mahoning Valley – a possible gut dynasty. Premiering Monday on the Discovery Channel is “Fat N’ Furious: Rolling Thunder,” a series that focuses on Christmas Automotive in Boardman. Owner Tommy Christmas and his crew restore classic American cars, many destined for the junk yard, and turn them into sleek road racing machines. But since most reality series are about personality as much as professions, the hook for this series is big guys working on big muscle cars. CLICK TO READ MORE



NC Life Magazine 2014
World’s Strongest Redneck
You may not have known that we have a superhero of sorts living among us right here in New Castle. He is most likely more
powerful than a locomotive, able to bend steel with his bare hands. and has powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. He fights a never-ending battle for truth. justice. and the Redneck way. The hulking Steve McGranahan. better known as “The World ‘s
Strongest Redneck,'” stand~ 6 feet tall and weighs in at 340 pounds. He’s able to bench press 500 lbs. and is known to flip 800-lb. tires just for run. He lifted his first car at age 15, although he downplays that feat by saying. “It was just a Volkswagen Rabbit”. CLICK TO READ MORE


Press-Pass---NCNNew Castle News – June, 2014
Local man stars in Discovery show.
Putting a lot of muscle.into everything he does is Steve McGranahan’s specialty. The New Castle resident known as the World’s Strongest Redneck is back at it again with the hijinks and comic moves that have captured mega-size audiences on TV, YouTube, 1v:itter, Instagram and Facebook. And this time, he has brought on board three of his good friends, including fellow New Castle resident Andy Pivarnik. McGranahan also teamed up with pals Tommy Christmas and Chuck Kountz for “Fat ‘n Furious: Rolling Thunder.” The first of six, hour-long episodes airs at 10 tonight on the Discovery Channel, which is channel 38 on Comcast and 278 on DirecTY. The show joins the line-up of Discovery’s Motor Mondays. The premise is almost like the opening line of a joke – did you hear the one about four guys in a garage? CLICK TO READ MORE