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Steve McGranahan has teamed up with Discovery Channel  for Fat ’n Furious: Rolling Thunder. The show is airing on Discovery’s Motor Mondays.  Steve is the Muscle of Fat N Furious: Rolling Thunder.

There are many men throughout history that have been given the title of World’s Strongest Man. There are also millions of men, most of denim and plaid covered, who proudly accept the title of redneck. But there is only one man who can claim the proud distinction of being included into both of these admirable categories.

Steve McGranahan is that man. Often referred to as the World’s Strongest Redneck, Steve proudly proves his nickname is honestly earned. This beefy strongman is not just tough, not just backwoods-proud, he is also an exceptionally funny man.

DSC_4050_EDITHis feats of strength and physical abilities are genuine. At six-feet tall, he weighs in at an impressive 343 lbs. He is capable of dead lifting 585 lbs for 8 reps. Additionally he has run a 50-mile marathon as well as many other marathons. He is skilled at shot-put and basketball and has proven his amazing strength in dozens of other ways.

Steve could be an imposing force to be dealt with. He is the sort of guy who could get whatever he wanted just by standing up. Rather than be someone who gets what he wants by intimidation, this man has instead chosen to get his way by making people laugh.

Steve had used his humor to get through a difficult time, beginning when he was in high school. He has personally explained that in order to cover for a learning disability he was able to make his teachers laugh and draw attention away from work he had not completed. He found it was possible to be excused for not always doing what he was supposed to when others saw him as a harmless, funny guy. This ability to make those around him smile has helped to open doors for him throughout his life.

Today that skill has also helped him to get noticed as much as his enormous size and strength. He has been seen in such national spotlights as CMTs “Country Fried Home Videos” as well as on the Tonight Show twice and many other shows.

Steve McGranahanSteve’s unique and down-to earth humor with feats of strength can be appreciated in other places. He is a prolific social media visitor, with profiles on both Twitter, Facebook and over 8 million hits on Youtube channel. He has recently announced he has some new projects in the works for TV and is expecting some big things to be happening soon.

While it may not be a good idea to walk up to just any muscled up giant and refer to him as a redneck, Steve takes it as a compliment and makes it genuinely funny. He is a man who is destined to become a household name. Like the man he shared the Tonight Show stage with Larry the Cable Guy, The World’s Strongest Redneck reminds us that we are often the most humorous when we aren’t afraid to admit who we really are.

About Fat N’ Furious: Rolling Thunder:

    • The series joins Motor Mondays on Discovery along with other car shows like hit Street Outlaws
    • Starring Tommy Christmas, Chuck Kountz, Andy Pivarnik and Steve McGranahan
    • Christmas Automotive specializes in fixing up old muscle cars — helping car owners with their need for speed


Just a few of Steve McGranahan’s appearances:

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